ULTiMATE FAMILY VACATION!! Niko Swimming, Adley Dance Party, and New Magic Wands with the Kids!

ULTiMATE FAMILY VACATION!! Niko Swimming, Adley Dance Party, and New Magic Wands with the Kids!

DAY 1 of our indoor adventure! TONS OF FUN!!

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Best Vacation Day Ever 1030

Good morning vlog! Its day one of our surprise family vacation to great wolf lodge. I’m super excited because Adley had so much fun when we got here last night and there was hardly anything going on. She still doesn’t know about the water park, that we’re going to go build a stuffed animal, and all the other fun stuff to do here!!

So we get to breakfast, about to do our normal routine till Adley sees the animal character walking around. She meets the bear again, then gets a hug from the wolf, and here new favorite the squirrel. She gets a picture with that animal! She loves it. Niko on the other hand doesn’t seem to like animals that are bigger than he is lol.

After we eat we head over to some windows that overlook that water slides! This is when Aldey realizes that we are going swimming and she loves to swim!! Before heading back to our room to get in our swim suites we go on a little adventure. We take the kiddos to build stuffed animals! Adley gets the squirrel and we ever her a camera toy to go with it, so it’s like the squirrel makes videos like Adley. Niko picks out a wolf and because it’s he size he really likes it. Next, its over to make magic wands. Through the lodge there are places that you can cast spells and thing will react. One of the coolest is when Adley finds out that it works in her bedroom. She and Niko climb to the top of her bunk and start casting spell after spell!!

It’s time to go swimming. We’re all super excited to ride slides and swim, however, its possible that Niko has more fun running down the halls than anything else!! At the water park we have tons of family fun. going down 45ft slides, relaxing in the lazy river and jumping on giant floating lily pads!

After such a fun filled day, we head down to get some dinner, the kids do some gymnastics, and we find a surprise dance party for Halloween. It was super fun and Adley and Niko Bear loved it!!

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