【GUMI】ネメシスの銃口 / The Muzzle of Nemesis【Fanmade PV】

【GUMI】ネメシスの銃口 / The Muzzle of Nemesis【Fanmade PV】

「さあ 懺悔なさい」

Almost five years ago I started the Seven Deadly Sins PV series, and finally is finished, thanks to everyone who had support the channel since my fanmade PV of The Daughter of Evil, I can’t wait to keep making videos for you guys 😀

Just as The Last Revolver PV, this one didn’t need too much work, so is more a remake, but I added new effects, characters and thanks again to ryusouta for adding his magic with his new cover.


◆Music, Lyric and original work by 悪ノP (mothy) (http://mothy.blog39.fc2.com/) (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSmH…)

◆Illustration by

壱加 (Ichika) (https://twitter.com/ichi_ka)
You-ring (https://twitter.com/suzu3939)
Painter Brioche (https://twitter.com/buri_ui068)
Suzunosuke (https://twitter.com/suzu3939)
Mario Gagabriel

◆ Cover by Ryusouta

( https://www.facebook.com/Imryusouta/ )

◆Movie by Mario Gagabriel